GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) – Move over, Sheetz. Your 3-cent discount has nothing on Walmart’s whopping 10-cent gas discount—well, maybe one thing.

According to a Walmart spokesperson, Walmart+ members in the Greensboro area can now get a 10-cent discount on every gallon of gas when fueling up at Walmart and Murphy stations as well as participating Exxon and Mobil locations.

In April, Walmart introduced gas savings for members, but the exact amount of those savings were anywhere from 5 cents to 10 dependent on state regulations. On Monday, Walmart reported that Greensboro can now take advantage of the full 10-cent discount.

“Walmart is happy to share that Walmart+ members in the Greensboro area will now be able to fuel up at the highest discounted rate at Exxon, Mobil, Walmart and Murphy locations throughout North Carolina,” the company said.

But pump the breaks before you sign up.

Is the Walmart+ 10-cent discount worth it?

Gas prices rising daily
Gas prices rising daily

While Sheetz and other brands offer more modest discounts, many of these programs are free. Walmart+, on the other hand, charges a $12.95 monthly membership fee or a $98 annual fee.

With the Sheetz discount, you would need to buy about 33.4 gallons of gas to save $1, an easily attainable number of gallons for a month.

If you’re only using your Walmart+ account for gas, you’d need to buy a ridiculous 139.5 gallons of gas a month to save enough to both cover the $12.95 monthly charge and save an additional buck. If you get the $98 annual membership, which brings your monthly charge down to about $8.17, you can get by with a slightly-less-ridiculous-though-still-pretty-ridiculous 91.7 gallons a month.

All that said, Walmart+ offers a lot more than just a gas discount, so you may find that $12.95 or $98 worth it when you consider the rest of the benefits.

Walmart+ includes grocery delivery as well as free shipping with no minimum cost.

In contrast, Food Lion offers delivery with a $3.99 fee—or $5.99 if you want your order in under an hour—for orders over $35. If your Food Lion order is under $35, add $4 to both of the fees mentioned. So long as you’re in no rush and get over $35 in groceries twice a month, you’re paying about $7.98. That’s pennies less than Walmart+’s $8.17 a month. You could easily make up that gap and then some if you’re regularly taking advantage of the Walmart+ 10-cent gas discount.

Harris Teeter offers grocery delivery with a service fee of $9.95 to $11.95 for each order. If you get your groceries delivered from Harris Teeter twice each month, you’re paying at least $19.90 when you could be paying as little as $8.17 a month with Walmart+. That’s not even counting the money you could save with gas.

Harris Teeter does have a points program that can help you cut costs as the pump by up to $1 a gallon, a separate offering from grocery delivery. But the number of points you have is entirely dependent on how much you spend at their grocery stores. A 10-cent discount requires 100 points, which you’d earn by spending $100 at Harris Teeter. And once you use those points in a transaction, they’re gone, so if you want that 10-cent discount twice a month, you’d need to spend $200, thrice a month, $300, and so on.

If grocery delivery doesn’t appeal to you, stick with one of these other gas deals.

What are my gas discount options?

You likely have seen signs at the pump at BP, Shell and Exxon stations in the Piedmont Triad, all of which have long-standing in-house programs. Circle K, Sheetz and Speedway stores provide discounting and other bonuses for using their rewards system, and Harris Teeter gives you discounts on its gasoline – at both company stations and partner BP stations in some areas – based on how much you spend with the store.

Some of the systems require a mobile app or honor card, and others may require you to have a company credit card. Each requires a form of enrollment. Unless you join Costco or Sam’s Club, there typically is no membership fee.

Some companies combine not only what you spend at the pump – say that 3-cent-per-gallon savings – but also how much you spend at the station’s convenience store. Shell links its savings – as much as 10 cents a gallon – to spending at partner restaurants and retail outlets.

Some outlets require you to use your accumulated savings on gasoline only, but others allow those discounts to be used for food and drink inside the store.

GasBuddy discount fuel card

GasBuddy, which monitors fuel prices at hundreds of outlets across the Piedmont Triad – and thousands nationally – offers an app that not only gives you access to the cheapest fuel around but also offers a discount fuel card that can save 25 cents per gallon and has contests to win free fuel.

AAA and Gas Guru also have similar programs. Each also can help you find discounts that go beyond gasoline. Google Maps and Waze, which you may use to find out about traffic patterns and routes, also offer fuel price information.


GetUpside is one of those apps that saves money on gas but also on groceries and at restaurants. offers cash back on gas and refunds money to your bank account. Some national credit cards have similar programs.

Other options

Circle K — Earn 10 points per gallon of gas purchased and 20 points per dollar spent in store. Cash in 2,000 points to save $2.

Exxon — Earn 3 points per gallon of gas purchased and 2 points per dollar spent in store. Cash in 100 points to save $1.

Speedway — Discount of 5 cents per gallon for every $100 spent at Lowes Foods.

Sheetz — Discount of 3 cents per gallon.

Shell — Discount of 5 cents per gallon for the first six months. Then, purchase gas at least 6 times during your 3-month qualification period to continue receiving a discount of 5 cents per gallon.

Which to choose?

Bankrate, a financial news site, rated the programs and offered advice on how to choose which one works best for you, which included perhaps enrolling in more than one. Some of its tips:

  • Base your choice on which brand of gasoline you most often purchase. That could be a factor of convenience or brand loyalty, but consistently trafficking a specific store has advantages.
  • Determine how much you value flexible savings, such as being able to use the discounts for more than just gasoline.
  • Having enrollment in more than one program will provide greater flexibility, in that you can earn a discount on where you are when you need gas and not feel included to waste fuel driving elsewhere simply to be able to use your program.

And if you really want to save and be careful about it, Consumer Reports this updated an evaluation it published in 2017 to give you best advice on how to be efficient and where and how to find the cheapest fuel purchases.