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(WGHP) — Tens of thousands of people have fled Ukraine amid Russia’s attacks. 

Some of them are now going back to the country under siege to provide food, medical supplies and clothing to those in need. 

A group of volunteers are driving back and forth from Poland to Ukraine to make drop-offs. 

Volunteers said they have a matter of minutes to drop off the goods, putting themselves in imminent danger to help others.  

“This is slaughter. This is not even a war. You can’t even call it a war anymore,” said Vitaliy Smolin, a Ukraine missionary and volunteer 

People who once called Ukraine home are grappling with the devastation left by a violent Russian invasion. 

The images are the hardest to swallow. 

“I’ve never seen so many dead bodies in my life,” Vitaliy said. 

He and his wife Natalie are American missionaries based in Ukraine. 

Thursday when Russia began its attacks, Vitaliy was in Burlington on a church mission. 

His wife and two young daughters were fleeing Ukraine. 

“Coming towards the border near Poland, everybody is just knocking on your windows saying, ‘please, can I get in?’” Natalie said. 

In the midst of all the panic of getting her daughters to safety in Poland, Natalie still found a way to be of service 

“I think I packed about 10 people additionally in my car to the max because they would’ve just been there just standing in the cold,” Natalie said. 

When the couple and their children all finally made it safely to Poland, they knew their work couldn’t end there.  

“We converted our house, and all our stuff and clothes is being donated to the refugees so we can help the people because they lost everything. We rented another house. We can house refugees,” Vitaly said. 

They are providing housing and food for up to 80 people a day. 

Their mission back in Ukraine is being carried out by church volunteers while Vitaliy and Natalie gather the supplies in Poland.

“We’re pulling everything out of Europe: armored vehicles, helmets, medication, tourniquets,” Vitaly said. 

The Smolins have a group of volunteers driving from Poland to Ukraine to make drop-offs. Volunteers said they have a matter of minutes to complete drop-offs before the sirens come back on. 

They hope the American government does more to interfere with this catastrophe so aid can be rendered to Ukraine. 

They are taking donations. You can find out more on their Instagram or on Facebook.