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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. – Break the Chain Kennel Kru is a volunteer organization based out of Guilford County. Their goal is to give dogs a better life — “off the chain.”

“A chained dog, is a choked soul, and we believe that any dog on a chain is not living a proper life. And that’s the reason we started this organization,” said volunteer, Andrew Mayon.

Break the Chain Kennel Kru was created in November. What they do is educate people about local tethering laws. Furthermore, they are helping those in need comply with the new laws by giving them access to free kennels, so dog owners can toss out the chains.

In High Point, a city that spans over more than one county, lawmakers recently implemented a tethering ordinance — which went into effect in November of 2015.

It is now illegal citywide for dog owners to leave their animals chained up, while unattended. There is an educational, grace period until November of 2016 for dog owners to learn about the law without being penalized. After that, High Point police officers will start giving citations, and then fines.

In order to receive a free kennel put together by volunteers, organizers say families must be on government assistance and must be willing to have their dogs spayed or neutered.

The organization helped its first High Point family Sunday — the Parker family. Volunteers brought all the materials and tools to build the 10X10 kennel, which includes straw and tarp. After organizers help build the kennel, they also assist with upkeep in the future.

Outside of High Point, the organization has also assisted families in Guilford County where similar tethering laws are already in place.

So far, they’ve helped four families. Their goal is to build one kennel in both the cities of Greensboro and High Point, a month.