BEDFORD, Va (WFXR) — A Bedford County school board member is facing charges of assault and battery. District II representative Matthew Holbrook was arrested Monday and has since been bonded out.

Holbrook spoke with WFXR and said the charges came after he saw someone stealing from private property.

“It was involving some theft from a — I’ll just say a former tenant of my mother’s on a rental property,” said Holbrook.

Holbrook says he has had prior issues with this man before and says the man has stolen from them in the past.

“I caught him red-handed, and a deputy was there with me, and I beat him up,” said Holbrook.

Holbrook admits that he got angry, but says he believes his actions were justified. He adds that the charge does not impact his plans to serve on the Bedford County School Board.

“I ran for the school board position to make a difference in the school and in the community, and I’m going to continue to do that. This doesn’t change anything,” said Holbrook.

Bedford Commonwealth Attorney, Wes Nance, says the next step for Holbrook will be an attorney advising session.

“To be advised of his charges by the judge, and to be told by the judge what their options are in reference to having an attorney with them,” said Nance.

Nance says if Holbrook is found guilty, he could be facing extended time in jail.

“Assault and battery is what we call a class one misdemeanor under the law. That means the most that one can receive, if found guilty, is 12 months in jail and up to a $2,500 fine,” Nance said.

Holbrook’s attorney advising session is scheduled for Feb. 23, Bedford County public schools are not willing to comment on the matter at this time.