DANVILLE, Va. (WGHP) — The Danville Casino is open for business, and a line of people were waiting at the front before the doors even opened. Several of them were from the Triad.

The casino is currently a temporary site until construction is completed on the new Caesar’s Virginia resort.   

Caesar’s Virginia casino is a year away, but for now, a 40,000 square foot tent has been erected on Main Street in Danville.  

The temporary casino floor has 25 live table games, 28 electronic games and 740 slot machines.  

“It’s crowded, and people are standing around waiting to use the machines,” said Christine Green, a patron from North Carolina.  

To deal with first day fanfare, traffic was managed by local law enforcement, and the parking lots were packed in an orderly manner.  

If you looked close, you’d see quite a few North Carolina license plates, including the Butchees from High Point.  

“I heard about this and said ‘let me go on and try my luck down here.’ I had never been in a casino, and I wanted to come and try it out,” Jamie Butchee said.

It’s going to make a lot of money,” said John B. Scott, a Greensboro resident.

He had his eye on winning some of his own.  “

I play the slot machines. I like three-card poker, and I love roulette,” he said.  

The casino will be open 24 hours and seven days a week for business until the permanent resort opens. That one will have a hotel, spa, bigger gaming facility and much more.  

Patrons must be 21 to enter.