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ROLESVILLE, N.C. — A video posted on Twitter Tuesday shows a female student being picked up by a police officer and thrown to the ground.

The incident happened around 7:10 a.m. when Jasmine Darwin attempted to break up a fight between her sister and another student, WRAL reports. That’s when Rolesville High School Resource Officer Ruben De Los Santos picked her up and slammed her to the ground.

The officer, who has been at the school for four years, was placed on paid administrative leave.

“Every time I look at it, it’s embarrassing,” Darwin said. “I didn’t even realize it happened. Like, I was in shock.”

Darwin’s mother, Desiree Harrison, who learned about the event when her daughter got home, says the officer’s actions were extreme.

Harrison later took Jasmine to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a concussion, the station reports.

Rolesville High School Principal Dhedra Lassiter released a statement about the event:

I, like many of you, am deeply concerned about what I saw in the video. The safety of our students is always our first priority. Our school district works with many dedicated officers who protect out students. It is vital that our children have a positive relationship with these law enforcement officials. Those relationships are built on mutual respect.

The State Bureau of Investigation will review the incident.

Here is the original video: