Video shows excitement as Cone Health closes Green Valley campus, COVID-19-only hospital


GREENSBORO, N.C. — Cone Health has closed its Green Valley campus, the COVID-19-only hospital.

In a video released by Cone Health, staff danced and celebrated while accompanying the last patient out.

Cone Health released the following statement:

Cone Health Green Valley campus saw its last hospital patient today. Barbara Curtis was wheeled out of the building to the sounds of her favorite song, Happy” by Pharrell Williams. The small staff left in the facility cheered her on as she rolled down the hallway and to a waiting car. Once at the car, Curtis took a moment to tell staff of her overwhelming gratitude for the care she received at Green Valley. 

In April of last year, the empty building that once was Women’s Hospital was opened as a COVID-19 only facility. Cone Health has treated more than 4,700 people with COVID-19 — most of them in Green Valley campus. 

Last week, Cone Health announced it was closing the 116-bed facility due to declining numbers of people with COVID-19 needing hospital care. Those who do, can be treated in Cone Health’s other medical hospitals. 

COVID-19 testing and a monoclonal antibody infusion clinic remain at the Green Valley site.

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