Video of drill sergeant calling overweight people ‘repulsive’ goes viral

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***Warning: Language in this video may be considered offensive***

FORT STEWART, Ga. — A Facebook video of an Army veteran calling overweight people “utterly repulsive and disgusting” has gone viral.

The video posted on John Burk’s Facebook page has more than 2.5 million views so far.

In the video, the 31-year-old “fitness motivator” said he won’t accept the, “you should love me because I’m beautiful,” excuse.

“Your personality might be beautiful, but your body is not,” he said in the video. “It is not OK to be overweight.”

Burk noted that he isn’t targeting people with thyroid problems or other health issues of that nature. Instead, Burk said he is speaking to “lazy” people who become obese and then let their children become obese as well.

At the end of the video he said, “This isn’t me trying to fat shame. This is me saying you need to change your life before a doctor comes in and says, ‘Look, I’m sorry, there’s nothing else I can do, we have to take the leg.'”

Burk told Buzzfeed News he decided to make the video after seeing people making excuses for not exercising.

“The soft and tender-hearted approach works for some,” he told Buzzfeed News, “but after having trained soldiers for over 12 years now, I know what works best: blunt, in-your-face truth that slaps you so hard that it forces you to step back and start self-analyzing to see if there’s any validity in what you’ve just been told.”

His approach was met by a lot of criticism by some, but he said he is doing this out of love so that people “know there is a better life out there.”

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