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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A trip to a popular Greensboro shopping center left a woman with two big gashes after she says she was robbed and assaulted by a man in a skeleton mask.

It happened on Tuesday night at Friendly Center in the parking lot outside of P.F. Changs.

Katie Dannemiller frequents Friendly Center pretty often.

“I do all of my shopping here, I spend a lot of my time at restaurants here,” Dannemiller said.

She’s always thought of it as a safe place. That’s why Tuesday when she was leaving dinner, she didn’t hesitate to walk alone to her car.

“As I went to sit down in my drivers seat, immediately a man with a very scary skeleton mask came right up on me … came right up on me and asked me for everything that I had,” Dannemiller said.

She threw her hands up, tossing her bag at him.

“Even after I threw everything I had at him, he insisted that I had more, his comments were, ‘You’re rich, you have more, give me more,’” she said.

She then offered her car, fearing he would drive away with her inside. Instead he hit her twice with what she said she believes was the butt of a gun.

Emily Phipps was leaving the restaurant with her friends at the same time.

“Within 30 or 45 seconds we heard someone yelling, screaming,” Phipps said. “Immediately what we saw was a lady with blood running down, screaming that she had been attacked.”

Phipps said she and her friends called 911 and spotted another car speeding off.

“And we just stayed with her until all of the police reports were filed. Just until she got some of her confidence back, to give her a shoulder, a couple of hugs,” Phipps said.

Both women say this will change things for them and both will take more steps to try and be safer.

“But I want to urge everyone to be vigilant and know their surroundings and be over-cautious,” Dannemiller said.

The women say this is a reminder of what could happen anywhere, to anyone.

“Overly confident and overly independent is maybe something you should change to overly vigilant and overly cautious,” Dannemiller said.

We asked the Friendly Center if they have cameras or security, they said they don’t comment on their security because that compromises the integrity of their security measures.

They did say they are working with Greensboro police on the case.