Veteran shoots, kills 6-foot alligator in close encounter on his property

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TUSCOLA COUNTY, Mich. — A Michigan army veteran got a big shock when he found himself face-to-face with a six-foot alligator while he was visiting some property he owns in Tuscola county.

It apparently wandered over from a neighboring property.

“I started fumbling and scrambling to try to get my pistol out my pants so fast,” Derrick Fells said. “The gator turned and came at me.”

He ultimately killed the gator after shooting it in the head once then twice more after authorities arrived.

Fells says the owner of the animal is his neighbor next door, a reptile vendor.

“The pen that that gator was in was empty and he said ‘oh, I ain’t know it was missing,'” Fells said. “That thing had been missing over two days because I heard it the day before.”

Fells’ uncle, Aswad Issa, said police told him the neighbors have an alligator that’s over eight feet long and a smaller one in the house

“This is hunting territory. He’s standing to lose his reptiles. If those critters come over here, they’re going to have some problems,” Issa said.

As for Fells, he says the gator struck fear in him and he hopes he doesn’t have to deal with another one anytime soon.

“I would like to see these animals, dangerous animals, gone,” Fells said.

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