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SWEETWATER, Fla. — Air Force veteran Larry Murphree put a small American flag on his front porch in a flower pot.

Murphree says the homeowners association at the Tides Condominium in Sweetwater said it broke their rules, WTLV reported.

“I got a violation letter that stated the American flag was an unauthorized object and for me to take it down,” Murphree said.

Murphree refused to take down the flag.

“They started fining me up to $1,000 because I wouldn’t take the flag down,” Murphree said.

He says that $1,000 came out of the $100 a day that the flag was still displayed.

So Murphree hired a lawyer.

“We believe we have the right to display the American flag, we filed suit in federal court,” the lawyer said.

The HOA finally agreed he could fly the flag but a few months later they changed the flag ordinance to a flower pot ordinance.

Murphree was again being charged $100 every day he didn’t remove the flag. On top of this, he says his HOA was using his HOA fee money to pay off the fines unbeknownst to him.

The legal battle has gone on for seven years.