Verizon patents DVR that can detect what’s happening in your living room


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Last month, Verizon filed a patent for a DVR that can detect activity in your living room and target ads accordingly.

The patent application, which was filed on Nov. 29, aims to target viewers “cuddling, fighting, participating in a game or sporting event, and talking” and match them up with appropriate advertising content.

According to the application, “if a user is watching a television program, a traditional targeted advertising system fails to account for what the user is doing (e.g., eating, interacting with another user, sleeping, etc.) while the user is watching the television program.”

The application does not indicate how the DVR would detect activity, however one report suggests the device would have a camera and microphone inside the box.

While Verizon is getting critizcized on social media, other companies have made similar patent filings in the past, according to Mashable.

“Comcast filed a patent for a similar technology in 2008 and Google has looked into doing the same. Even more recently, Microsoft filed a patent to use Kinect for a similar purpose.” – Mashable

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