Vape explodes in man’s mouth, leaves him with just a few molars


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NEW ORLEANS — He was getting ready for work when he sat on the couch and put his vape pen to his lips.

“He said it was like a shotgun that went off in his mouth,” Mailan Krein told WVUE.

Klein told the news station her son, 21-year-old Christopher, lost all his teeth, save for a few of his molars.

His jaw broke in three places.

The story began when Krein wanted her son to quit smoking.

Christopher, in turn, looked to vaping.

In August, Krein got the call and rushed to the emergency room to see one of the worst scenes a parent could see.

In the blast, shards pierced through his mouth and many of his teeth were missing.

“He had an IV in there, the doctor was trying to control the bleeding, there was blood everywhere, and all I could think to ask him was, ‘Do you still have your tongue?’ And he nodded yes,” Krein told WVUE. “I couldn’t even look at him because it made me sick to my stomach. That’s my baby.”

The next step is reconstructive surgery, but that could take several years, according to his mother.

The vape pen Christopher was using was called a “VGod.”

The company warns that batteries can fail and spark.

The Louisiana Vaping Association issued a statement, saying it’s hard to know exactly what caused this accident, but a common culprit is a corrupted or misused battery.

The mother is now sharing her family’s cautionary tale.

“For me, when I saw my son I wanted to die. I wanted to take his pain away from him. It gives me the chills talking about it now. It doesn’t matter if it’s your baby or your oldest – to see something like that happen and then for him to not even talk or swallow, and all that pain going through him, I don’t want any parents to have to go through that,” Krein told WVUE.

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