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GREENSBORO, N.C. — For more than five weeks, the people who live near Sagamore Drive in north Greensboro have been the targets of multiple vandalisms.

Between 20 and 30 people, and the nearby golf course, have reported their cars egged, their property spray painted and in one instance a car tire slashed.

“That type of stuff does cost a lot of money,” Jesse Handschuh said, as he stood in front of his backyard fence. A phrase, using a cuss word, had been spray painted onto it. “I don’t see it as just kids being kids, it cost money to repair this stuff.”

Handschuh’s security cameras captured several people spray painting the word on his fence, urinating in his front yard and painting a sexual image on a nearby stop sign.

“It’s upsetting because we live in this area and I just don’t want that kind of stuff happening in this community,” he said.

Along with his house, several other people reported spray-painted words on their brick houses. The most concerning of the crimes has been a woman whose car was egged and whose right tire had been slashed.

“I sort of laughed at it at first, but then it really hit that this is not a game. I could have been hurt,” said the owner of the car targeted. She did not give her name, because she is afraid the vandals could come back.

She said she has stayed up three nights – every week for the past three weeks. “I just don’t want my family to feel unsafe. I want to catch whoever is doing this.”

When asked, she estimated that the total cost of damages done so far to the area to be around $10,000.

Greensboro police released the following statement, “Patrol officers have been made aware of the incidents and will be making an effort to monitor the situation. Our Community Resource Officer for that area is working specifically in that neighborhood to look into and address the problem as well. They will work with patrol as well as residents in that area to resolve this situation. Security cameras can be helpful in these situations because it allows police to hopefully identify and catch the individuals responsible.”