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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Students at UNCG spent their day hauling boxes inside of their new homes on campus. 

Students had to drop off their belongings in stages in order to have a COVID-free campus. 

The UNCG move-in is organized in two stages:

In Stage 1, students will move all of their belongings into their rooms but will not stay on campus.

UNCG officials say that “the first step is Stop, Drop, and Roll. At this stage, you will only be able to drop off items and set up your room for the fall semester during your assigned time period, but you will not occupy your room during this time. Stop, Drop, and Roll will take place Saturday, July 25 – Wednesday, August 5.”

In Stage 2, students will return to campus before the start of the fall semester and will live in their dorms.

You can read the UNCG return to campus manual here.

Students and parents who spoke to FOX8 say they are a little worried but are excited for what’s to come. 

“I’m excited, but I’m also very nervous to see what adjustments we have to take,” said Zynice Lance, a freshman. 

Students at UNCG are facing a new normal while living on campus as new measures were put into place to minimize the spread of COVID-19. 

 “Once they are here, they will wear their face coverings, wash their hands, do all of the 3 wWs they talk about and just try to keep everyone safe,” said Timothy Johnson, UNCG’s executive director of housing and residence life. 

“I’m just ready to come on campus and live life to the fullest,” said Anaiya Adwaters, a freshman. 

She is dropping her stuff off inside her dorm room and coming back in two weeks. It’s unusual, but she’s comfortable with it. 

“I’m pretty comfortable. We got locks and everything. My mom got some locks for my stuff, so we’re going to keep it all locked up, and I trust my roommate when she moves in,” Anaiya said. 

Living in close quarters with a roommate wasn’t only new for students but for parents as well. 

“I’m fine with it. I think the university has done all that they can to make the families and the students feel comfortable with the way they’re approaching the move-in,” said Natasha Adwaters, Anaiya’s mother. 

For Natasha, move in was hard emotionally. 

“She’s really social, and so not to be able to have that freedom and kind of maneuver the way she kind of does I think that’s something that’s been difficult,” Natasha said. 

The new school semester is bringing a lot of changes and new rules that students are setting for themselves.  

“Making sure that I wear my mask and and making sure since I’m a hugger, and I love meeting people…not being able to do that it’s kind of difficult as well,” Anaiya said. 

UNCG is only 75% of students to stay on campus as a way to make sure there’ enough space to practice social distancing.