UNCG hosts realistic active shooter training following Charlotte shooting

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Staff members at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro took part in a hyper-realistic active shooter training put on by the UNCG Police Department.

The training is titled “Run, Hide, Fight” and focuses on what everyday people should do in the event of being caught in an active shooter situation.

“We hold these several times a month, but this one is especially important because of Charlotte,” Police Captain Steven DeDona said.

The training took participants through the various stages of what they should do.

The first and most important thing to do is try and run away. The moment you hear gunshots you should look for the nearest exits in the opposite direction of the gunfire. Then, you should run as fast as you can out of harms way to contact police.

The second is try and hide.

“If you can’t run and you’re stuck in a room, look for the nearest location to get out of site,” DeDona said.

While hiding, authorities say you should try and secure all of the entrances to your location. Whether that be pilling up chairs and tables in front of them, or shoving copiers up against them.

“Do everything you can to make it impossible for them to get inside,” DeDona said.

The last resort is to stand and fight the gunman. Police say the moment you hear gunshots nearing your location and it’s not safe to hide, you should prepare to tackle the gunman as quickly as possible.

“You should assign one person to turn off the lights,” DeDona said. “Next, two people should stand close to the door to attack the gunman.”

DeDona suggests having one person reach for the gunman’s weapon while another takes out their knees.

“The most important part for other people in the room to during this time is to distract the gunman. Pick anything up in the room ... and throw it at them. That way, they’ll be looking at you and won’t notice these two people who are about to tackle them.”

Once the gunman is on the ground, the rest of the group should run and help hold the gunman down and secure their weapon until police get there.

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