WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — The Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary in Lviv and the Ukraine Partnership Foundation are helping people fleeing to safety in Poland as a transition hub.

President of the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary in Ukraine Yaroslav Pyzh told FOX8 they have helped shelter, feed and provide essentials to over 2,000 people before helping them get to Poland.

Pyzh said Friday they opened their doors to 250 more people. He said they transitioned their classrooms into dorms for the time being.

“We don’t have students in our classroom, so we have refugees in our classrooms, so now we re-oriented, and our approach adapted to the situation and practiced the same values,” Pyzh said.

Scott Reed, a board member of the Ukraine Partnership Foundation in Winston Salem, said so far, they have raised and sent $750,000 to Ukraine to help aid the families. Reed said the funds are depleting quickly as the resources are used. 

“We need millions. The money is being spent very wisely, but we had to buy…mattresses, bed supplies blankets, pillows. We didn’t have any food to feed people,” Reed said.

Reed and Pyzh said they will keep helping every family looking to them until the end of the war in Ukraine, and those willing to help by donating are more than welcome.

“The wound is very fresh. You can not help the person that lost a loved one yesterday today. You need to give them time to grieve. And only after that, you can help,” Pyzh said.