Two cats locked in never-ending battle to get into Japanese museum

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Day after day after day, two cats fight to get into this Japanese museum.

Hiroshima’s Onomichi City Museum of Art encountered the first of the two uninvited guests about two years ago, according to the Dodo.

When the museum opened “Cats — Mitsuaki Iwago Photography Exhibition,” a little black cat made its first of many attempts to gain access to the museum, waltzing straight up to the museum’s sliding glass doors.

As soon as a security guard noticed the intruder, the cat was sent packing.

In March 2017, however, the cat was emboldened to return, this time with a friend.

Since then, Ken Chan, the black cat, and Gosaku, a tabby, have become sensations.

Living near the museum, the duo are always turned away, but the guards are friendlier to the now-familiar visitors and have even been seen petting them.

The museum and community embrace the battle.

Inside the museum gift shop, patrons can pick up a tote bag featuring the two.

The museum’s official Twitter account, @bijutsu1, follows their exploits.

As word spread, the pair have quickly become beloved the world over.

Unfortunately for them, fame is not enough to get them into Onomichi City Museum of Art.

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