(WGHP) — News organizations on Twitter will no longer be marked with gold checkmark, unlike other businesses, as of Friday.

FOX8 WGHP, the Associated Press, CNN and Fox News, among others, now have no form of verification attached to their accounts.

Twitter had previously removed verification from the New York Times. While CEO Elon Musk did not directly address the issue, he said in an April 2 tweet, “NY Times is being incredible hypocritical here, as they are super aggressive about forcing everyone to pay *their* subscription.”

The move leaves Twitter users with no way to reliably differentiate between a legitimate news organization and a phony account.

Some publications appear to have retained their gold checkmark. This appears to be in connection with Twitter’s Verified Organizations feature which costs $1,000 a month with an additional $50 a month charge per additional handle.

This comes the day after Twitter pulled blue checkmarks from users with “legacy” verification status, meaning they became verified before the company tied the marks to Twitter’s paid subscription service Twitter Blue. This included celebrities, journalists and other public figures.

Government officials and agencies, such as North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper and the Centers for Disease Control, are marked with a gray checkmark.