Truck group for, other businesses against diesel tax increase

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SUMMERFIELD, N.C. — Diesel fuel could get a lot more expensive if Congress decides to pass a bill raising the federal tax.

If the bill passes, the tax on diesel fuel would increase by 6.3 cents a gallon. In exchange, it would eliminate a 12 percent tax on all new, large-scale trucks.

The American Trucking Association is for the proposed legislation.

“The idea is to generate additional sales of new equipment, and, generally speaking, the newer the equipment, the safer it is and the more environmentally friendly it is,” said Darrin Roth, director of highway operations with the American Trucking Association.

However, Pete Bryant, the owner of Southern Exposure Landscape Management, said if the federal tax increases for diesel fuel, it would dramatically affect his bottom line.  Bryant’s company goes through 1,000 gallons of diesel every two weeks.

“That’s a lot of fuel and a lot of extra money going out the door that we can’t get back,” Bryant said.

To help save money, Bryant has two diesel tanks at his business, which he has refilled about twice a month. He also groups his work orders so his employees aren’t driving all over, but if the bill passes, he may have to pass on the cost to his customers.

“Every dime counts. You try to cut back on expenses as far as you can, and there’s some things you just can’t get any lower on,” Bryant said.

The bill was just introduced in Congress. The American Trucking Association said the bill may get attached to another piece of legislation in order for it to pass.

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