Truck drivers help keep shelves stocked during coronavirus pandemic


MOCKSVILLE, N.C. — On a daily basis, people rush to local stores to pick up items they need to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greg Butcher’s Trucking is a local company that has 30 trucks out on highways that have been running nonstop since earlier this month.

They drive produce back and forth from North Carolina to California.

“We would go out to California and come back and take three or four days off, but we’re not doing that anymore,” said Gail Foltz, a trucker.

Now the drivers are making the trip every week and doing it in less than 48 hours.

“It’s kind of a trying time,” said Greg Butcher, the owner of the company.

Drivers like Foltz and Chris Folz have a system to make sure their 45,000 pound load gets across the country as quickly as possible.

They only stop and leave the truck to get fuel.

They even have crews on standby at their destinations to load and unload their trailers.

Their job is essential, but the couple said it can be mentally and physically exhausting.

“I’ve retired three times,” Foltz said.

But Foltz said trucking is in her blood because the need to serve people will always have a big place in her heart.

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