DENTON, N.C. (WGHP) — A woman is alive and the South Davidson Fire Department says “It’s no less than a blessing.”

That’s because Sarah Hussey survived a fall from a cliff on April 24 and lived to reunite with her heroes on Thursday.

On April 24, Hussey was hiking off of Newsome Road when she fell from the cliff.

The South Davidson Fire Department responded to the scene along with crews from the Badin Lake and Healing Springs fire departments.

“It’s no less than a blessing that she survived that day!” the South Davidson Fire Department posted on Facebook. “First responders rarely know the outcome of the people that we help. Well tonight this miracle came to see us and thank us. We were so happy we could be there to help! Keep praying for Sarah Hussey as she continues to heal and goes through rehabilitation.”

In their post, the fire department shared photos of Hussey on her hike, later in the hospital, her arrival home and finally her reunion with the heroes who helped her.

In her own post, Hussey said, “Tonight I was able to surprise some of the firefighters that responded to my accident on the 24th, I am SO beyond thankful for all of these people. These people held my hands and talked to me and helped me remain calm and comfortable while I was bleeding out in their arms. They are truly angels.”