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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Recent protests and civil unrest across the nation have pushed the African American community to make their voices heard through their dollars by shopping at Black-owned businesses.

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020 has been deemed Blackout Tuesday. It’s a day where many Black organizations are encouraging Black people not to spend money or if they have to spend it only at Black-owned businesses.

FOX8 spoke with a couple of the Black-owned businesses in the Greensboro area.

“It`s monumental because it makes a statement an economic statement that our dollars matter, Black dollars matter,” said Jackie White, the owner of African American Art inside of the Four Seasons Mall.

African American Art is a boutique that offers home art, gifts, natural products and a host of other items. White owns this business and is a third-generation entrepreneur. She has had several customers come by on Blackout Tuesday.

“The Black businesses are really really thriving right now because so many people are upset with the George Floyd murder and other things that have happened this year and they want to support more Black businesses to make an economic impact which will hopefully help us as a people,” said White.

Blackout Tuesday 2020 is a day when Black Americans refuse to spend money or only shop with Black-owned businesses to show strength in numbers economically. One shopper traveled as far as three hours to shop at a local wine and cigar shop in town.

“I actually stay like three hours away so I traveled all the way here to see this spot,” said China Fountain.

Fountain intentionally spent her dollars at NextStop Wine and Cigar on Stanley Road which is the only Black-owned wine and cigar shop in Greensboro.

“I believe in supporting all Black people simply because I am African American, I have an African American son and everything that’s going around in the world right now. It’s important to build up each other,” said Fountain.

Jeremy Nelms owns NextStop Wine and Cigar and has been in the area a little more than a year. Several shoppers found out that he was the only Black-owned wine shop in Greensboro.

“I’ve received such a tremendous outgoing of support from my community. It’s great to see people come out and be intentional with their dollars as to where they’re spending them, and so I`m really grateful for that,” said Nelms.