Triad sees need for COVID-19 vaccination house calls


(WGHP) — FOX8 has gotten numerous emails and calls into the newsroom from people needing help finding how to get their homebound family members vaccinated.

The most recent request came from a woman in Florida, trying to help her bed-ridden father-in-law in Kernersville.

FOX8 helped her get him a COVID-19 vaccination appointment with Wake Forest Baptist Health.

The provider has been making house calls for vaccinations since February.

On the North Carolina Health Department website, there is a shortlist of providers in each county willing to provide the vaccination at people’s homes.

The problem is that not every provider is on the list and families told FOX8 it’s frustrating.

“I scrolled through the website. I know it was Forsyth County and I thought surely I missed something because there are a number of counties listed that have the home services,” Nancy Ferguson said.

She didn’t miss anything on the state’s homebound vaccination provider list. Forsyth County isn’t on there.

“Please make it easy,” Ferguson said. “Put the information out there.”

The Forsyth County Health Director told FOX8 it’s something that they’re working on. They expect to share information about the service later this week.

They realize the need is increasing.

“My mother-in-law, you know, she doesn’t have time to be calling around finding this information,” Ferguson said. “She’s trying to take care of him. She doesn’t have time for that.

FOX8 made the same calls she did, going down the list of providers.

Some of the pharmacies in the Triad stopped their home visits because they just don’t have the manpower.

“We have two pharmacists. That’s why I can come out, so she’s there with all the other things,” Clement Ebhodaghe said.

He’s trying to keep up with the calls.

Ebhodaghe owns Adler’s Pharmacy, which is the only pharmacy in Guilford County currently doing at-home vaccinations.

“We try to make sure people get the vaccine as soon as possible,” he said. “Somebody will call me, and they want to meet their grandparents or meet their children. It’s a good idea for more people to be involved.

Ebhodaghe has at least five more appointments this week.

Guilford County Health leaders told FOX8 they hope to provide the at-home service when they get the new mobile units on the road, hopefully on June 1st.

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