Triad parents weigh in on new vaccine clinical trials for children: ‘I want them to have that same comfort level’

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Some Triad parents haven’t made up their minds when it comes to vaccinating their children against COVID-19.

FOX8 spoke with several parents in Greensboro who said Tuesday that more information and new clinical trials could help them decide.

“I think a lot of it is going to be time. Because of the side effects, we don’t know long term,” one mother said.

Moderna announced Tuesday it would enroll more than 6,000 children six months to 12 years old in a clinical trial to study effectiveness and potential side effects.

“If they put the research out there and make it more readily available for the kids then…I want them to have that same comfort level,” another parent said.

Dr. Richard Chung of Durham explained his 12-year-old son Caleb is part of a Pfizer study at Duke Hospital.

“He’s done well with it. He had some initial symptoms after the first dose and then a few more after the second, but those were really short lived. He’s doing some follow up study visits with some nasal swabs and blood samples and that sort of thing,” he explained.

Chung said Caleb received his first dose just before Christmas. The family does not know if he received a placebo or the real vaccine.

“I would really encourage families in participating in these studies…the Moderna study, as was mentioned, is enrolling now for this younger age group, and my understanding the Pfizer study is going to move forward with a younger age group as well. And among parent groups, among colleagues there’s a lot of interest in contributing and making sure we expedite this process and move past this as best we can,” he said.

Chung is a pediatrician and added that some parents have expressed interest in vaccinating their children.

“Kids are a full quarter of the population in the United States, so if we want to get to a large enough proportion of our community being immune so we can decrease spread and move out of this pandemic state, kids are going to have to be a part of it,” he said.

Winston-Salem based Javara Research is planning a pediatric COVID-19 vaccine trial, but a spokesperson would not say where it would take place.

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is not planning a study at this time.

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