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GREENSBORO, N.C. – The WWE is home to arguably some of the greatest athletes in the world. Their bodies have to be in tip-top shape!

One of the people who helps keep them healthy lives in the Piedmont Triad. His job takes him all around the world.

Recently, it brought him home when the WWE Superstars put on a show at the Greensboro Coliseum. FOX8’s Julie Grant sat down with Larry Heck and his family to talk about his unique and exciting career.

“I love my job. I get paid to see the world. It’s not work when you actually love what you’re doing,” said Heck, who is a Certified Athletic Trainer for the WWE.

His work takes him all over the world, but the Triad is his home.

“Greensboro has to be my favorite place because this is home for me. This is where I get to come in, I get to see people, I get to have my family and friends come to the show and see what we do here and see the magic that we make every night,” said Heck.

Heck says he would not be able to do what he loves if it were not for the one he loves.

His wife, Tracy, told FOX8, “It’s nice to know that he has a job that is not work. It’s really a family life that he comes to. I support that 100 percent when he’s gone.”

Heck’s young daughters, Eliza and Londyn, are just as loving and supportive. Eliza said, “Sometimes when people fall down on the mat and they don’t feel good, Daddy comes out.”

Heck has been with the WWE for 14 years, and he loves all the unique opportunities his job brings.

“We were the very first western organization to go into Saudi Arabia this past year. So being able to go into Saudi Arabia and do a show over there and interact with people over there was quite rewarding,” said Heck.

He also takes pride in all the charity work the WWE does. Heck told FOX8, “Being able to go over to Iraq twice and actually do shows in Iraq for the troops was probably one of the most memorable things I have ever done.”

Heck has extensive experience in athletic training. Before joining the WWE, he worked in the NFL in Europe, in the Canadian Football League and in minor league hockey.

He played college football and understands athletics.

“There are only a select few people that can do what these guys do, and it makes me proud to be able to help them go out there every night and do what they need to do,” he said.

The best part about the show in Greensboro was that Heck’s home family and road family were together!