Triad farmers prepare plants for freeze

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The freezing temperatures are a major concern for farmers. They say any plants that have bloomed, if exposed to the freezing temperatures, will die tonight.

The whole Fine family worked together to help protect the strawberries of their farm.

“This is like a non-woven cover,” said Janice Fine. “It's supposed to bring the temperature up 20 degrees underneath so it protects the blossoms from getting frozen, at this point in the season if you lose those blossoms you start losing fruit.”

The Fine Farming Company from Denton sells their fruits and veggies at the Triad Farmers Market. They believe this tarp is going to save their strawberries tonight.

“They are a big season opener for us,” Fine said.

Over at Millstone Creek Orchard in Ramseur, Beverly Mooney says they are trying to save their 200 blueberry bushes.

“We will try to sprinkle these,” Mooney said. “We will mist them from above and just like they do with strawberries it'll encapsulate that little bloom.”

There is nothing their farm can do for their pear, apricot, plum, fig and around 900 peach trees.

“If the weather is like they are forecasting tonight it's not something anybody can do,” Mooney said. “These blooms will be killed and there won't be any fruit this season.”

Millstone Creek Orchard could lose around $20,000 if they don’t have peaches. The loss could also impact other parts of their business. People come here to pick the fruit.

“If we don't have it for the guests to come out, forget not selling the peaches they are not buying the ice cream and things in the store that help round out our business,” Mooney said. “It's discouraging because you work very hard.”

There is still hope for the almost 2,000 apple trees on the orchard. Mooney hopes they have a good year to balance out all that potential loss from the peaches.

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