Triad farmers concerned over above-average rainfall


As of Monday night, the Piedmont Triad is five inches above normal rainfall this month.

It’s made for some soggy days for many people, but for local farmers, it’s putting their livelihood on the line.

They says things need to dry out to protect their produce and livestock.

“I won’t be able to graze the animals. It would just be too wet and flooded for me to graze them,” Allison Aday said.

With day after day of rain, Aday’s thinking of feeding her chickens, turkeys and goats on Asgard Farm in Gibsonville.

“We’re having to bring in hay from either New England or the Midwest,” she said.

That comes at a price.

“If I have to start feeding hay in July or August because the pastures are so bad, because we’ve had so much rain, that really throws off your whole budget for the year,” Aday said.

The warm, wet weather also puts the animals on her small, family-owned farm at risk.

“Parasites are a real big concern with livestock,” she said. “I could start to get parasite outbreaks and lose animals to parasites because it’s just too wet.”

Forty-five minutes away, at the Hedgecock Strawberry Farm in Kernersvile, John Hedgecock is also dealing with wet weather.

“We got about eight inches so far,” he said. “We picked a lot, but we threw about 80-90 percent on the ground.”

Hedgecock says this was his best crop in 20 years, but now he’s watching most of his berries waste away in the water.

“Of course this week, it’s still raining, and we’re still throwing berries away,” he said. “It’s not good for human consumption after they sit in the water and get mushy.

He says things may have to change if the rain continues.

“I might just close up for the season if it keeps raining,” Hedgecock said.

He tells FOX8 that because he had such a good season and crop so far, closing the farm wouldn’t hurt him financially, but it’s not something he wants to do.

Hedgecock is hoping the rain stops soon and the soil dries up enough to plant other crops on his farm.

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