Triad couple recovering after hit-and-run crash

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A Triad couple involved in a hit-and-run motorcycle crash a week ago is recovering but needs help identifying the driver who took off.

The driver of the motorcycle had to get a portion of his leg amputated and his wife has several bruises and a broken leg.

"I mean we could have died, we could have been run over in the process, I mean there are many things that could have happened. They didn’t even stop," said Nicki Merrill.

Travis and Nicki Merrill were traveling down Randleman Road near West Vandalia in Greensboro when a driver made a last-minute turn in their direction, crashing into them. The crash around 10:30 p.m. on July 28.

"There was a car in the turning lane trying to turn left with their blinker on and as we were coming up to the intersection the light turned green so I sped up to go on through the intersection and I guess that person took a minute or a couple of seconds to decide that they wanted to go right instead of left," Travis said.

Travis tried to avoid the crash but it was too late. The impact of the crash caused Nicki to fly off of the bike and tangled his foot in the bike as they landed.

"I managed got keep the bike up but I felt my wife Nicki come off and I felt a bump as I felt her come off so I ran over her arm with the back wheel as she comes off the bike," Travis said.

Travis spent several days in the hospital where doctors decided it was best to amputate part of his leg due to the severe injuries. Nicki suffered from a fractured leg and multiple bruises on her arms and mid-section.

"Thought they could maybe save my foot at first. Once the specialist got there, they couldn't save the foot," Travis said.

Investigators posted a picture of the car they believe the suspect was driving the night of the crash. They believe it was a dark-colored newer model Toyota Corolla.

"I mean I’m hurt, but Travis will permanently in the shape that’s he’s in for the rest of his life and it’s just terrible that [the person who drove off] just doesn't care," Nicki said.

The couple says despite the pain, what hurts the most is knowing the driver didn't think twice to stop.

"I mean you always know it, it’s possible I mean that’s the risk you take when you’re on a motorcycle as far as somebody hitting you and running You know that shouldn’t happen," Nicki said.

Travis and Nicki's family set up a GoFundMe account to help them during this difficult time.

"I would greatly appreciate it if you just came forward or gave any information that you knew on the possible driver," Nicki said.

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