Trash piles high at Greensboro apartment complex

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The list of complaints for residents at Ashleigh Park apartments in Greensboro is piling up, as their trash dumpsters on site pile even higher.

“It makes you nauseous to the stomach,” said resident Samantha Vizcarrondo. “I work two jobs. When I get to my home, I’d rather not be afraid that something’s going to jump out at me while I take out the trash.”

Residents of the apartment complex said the same problem occurs every few months — where for long stretches of time, no trash service comes.

While FOX8 was at the apartment complex, a Waste Industries truck came to clear out the garbage in the dumpsters but left all of the surrounding bags and trash where they were. Residents said this was the first time a garbage truck had come in more than a month.

“I really don’t like coming home sometimes, because I have to look at it,” resident Angel Robinson said. “Plus we got kids around here that can’t play. They have to be around trash and all that kind of stuff. It’s just disgusting.”

Besides the trash concerns, Ashleigh Park residents complain that the grass is not mowed and, at one point, they said raw sewage was seeping out into the parking lot for six months straight before it was fixed.

FOX8 visited the on-site leasing office, but staff referred us to Bedrock Management Solutions, based in Georgia.

Calls to Bedrock have not been returned.

The City of Greensboro said, although private properties are responsible for their own trash, in some cases the city can fine the management company if it fails to do its job and provide trash services in the meantime. To contact the City of Greensboro to file a nuisance complaint about trash, call (336) 373-2489.

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