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WHITEHALL, N.Y. – A small town in upstate New York has adopted Bigfoot as its official animal.

The Whitehall Times reported that the Whitehall village board passed the resolution unanimously last Tuesday adopting the beast as its animal.

The last Saturday of every September be also be officially known as Sasquatch Appreciation Day, according to the resolution.

The village board adopted Sasquatch by a 4-0 vote, according to the paper.

The resolution came from Dave Molenaar, who the Albany Times Union reported is a member of the Bigfoot Tourism Council.

Trustee Mike LaChapelle said the resolution is “good publicity,” while another trustee, George Armstrong, said, “It can’t hurt.”

There have even been several Bigfoot-related incidents in North Carolina.

A group reported a sighting in McDowell County last year. In 2015, a man claimed his pet Yorkie saved him from a Sasquatch in Henderson County.

A North Carolina woman even claims to have invented a spray that will attract Bigfoot. There’s also a Bigfoot museum in Littleton that documents the alleged sightings.