Tornado cleanup continues in Randolph County


LIBERTY, N.C. — Amy Hutcherson soon realized how badly damaged her home was after a tree slammed into part of the roof last Thursday afternoon.

“I was just in shocked because from the outside it looked like the tree is just laying on the house, but when I went inside there was literally insulation everywhere,” said Hutcherson, who lives on North Candlewood Drive in Liberty

An EF-1 tornado touched down in the town of Liberty last Thursday leaving many with tree damage and without power and water.

It’s been a week since the chaos and so many in the town, including the Hutcherson family, are figuring it all out and cleaning up the mess.

The tree caused a heavy amount of damage to several rooms inside of her house. The living room and the ceiling received the most damage. A commercial cleaning crew spent the day removing the drywall, ceilings and insulation that had water damage.

“They’re taking down the walls, they’re taking down the ceiling, they’re pulling up the floors and just trying to get it ready so that the construction crew can come in and start working and put up new wall new floors,” Hutcherson said.

Her family is counting their blessings the damage was only to the house.

“Luckily I’m thankful that no one was hurt, as far as I know, nobody in the area was hurt physically,” Hutchenson said.

The family’s home insurance will cover a large portion of the home. The family is staying in an Airbnb for the time being. They’re hoping to find a rental home until their home renovation is complete.

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