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Tom Troyer performed Friday, April 17, at 7 p.m. for the FOX8 Home Concert Series. The event was streamed live at and on the FOX8 Facebook Page. Watch again in the video player above.

Troyer is the lead singer in Farewell Friend, but he is performing solo due to social distancing.

Farewell Friend was started in 2013 by Troyer with a multilayered approach to folk, rock, and alternative country. They delve into lush orchestral textures, gritty distorted guitar solos, and minimal acoustic landscapes to tell stories about love, loss, and identity.

The three-part conceptual debut album “Lineage”, released in 2018, traverses the generational story of a family whose history is wrought with struggle, challenge, success, and tragedy. The musical territory covered in this project is diverse as an extended family reunion and divergent as the American landscape.

With the release of their sophomore album in the Summer of 2019 “Glenwood and Gomorrah,” lead singer and songwriter Tom Troyer established himself as producer and audio engineer mixing and mastering the entire album in a small bedroom in his former home in the Glenwood neighborhood. This album is both a question and a prayer for the neighborhood he grew up in, cataloging his personal relationships with neighbors during a time of swift gentrification.

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