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LUBBOCK, Tex. — An officer’s dash camera captured horrifying video of a toddler being thrown from an SUV in a rollover crash that happened when the child’s father was attempting to flee police.

The young girl was nearly crushed by the SUV after being thrown through the window, but miraculously she stands up and tries walking back toward the vehicle driven by her father, 17-year-old Kenny Shawn Jimenez.

About 15 seconds after the ejection, an unidentified woman jumps from the vehicle and picks the child up from the roadway.

According to the Daily Mail, there were three other teens, including the tot’s 16-year-old mother, in the SUV at the time. Police said the toddler was sitting in the back of the truck with no seat belt or car seat.

Before the chase, Jimenez was accused of robbing a 19-year-old woman of her purse at gunpoint.

The toddler was treated at an area hospital for minor injuries and released into the custody of relatives.