Toddler born with part of skull missing defies the odds after NC mom told to get abortion

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A toddler born with a rare brain malformation is defying the odds after doctors suggested his North Carolina mother get an abortion.

Jaxon Buell turned 2-and-a-half on Monday. He was born with Microhydranencephaly, a severe abnormality of brain development without a cause that has no cure.

Doctors said Jaxon was not expected to live. One doctor said he would not make it past 2 years old, according to father Brandon Buell.

“God gave us a child and we strongly believe he created Jaxon perfectly as he was intended to be,” Buell told FOX8.

Doctors said he would never be able to talk or communicate or walk, according to Buell.

But Buell said Jaxon continues to get stronger and can also see and hear. He said Jaxon communicates regularly and calls his parents “mommy” and “daddy.”

“He says ‘I love you’ on a daily basis,” Buell said. “Every single day is a blessing.”

Buell said there’s a lot of hope for Jaxon’s future.

“He’s showing no signs of going anywhere soon,” Buell said. “The sky is the limit for Jaxon.”

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