Thomasville woman says text about job opportunity turned out to be a scam

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- A Thomasville woman said she got a text about a job opportunity and it turns out that it was a scam.

Georgia Troxel said it started with a random text message.

“It read extra $400 a month, which I need, to wrap my car in a car wrap advertising,” Troxel said.

She says the job was for Spike Energy Drinks.

“I filled out the little application that was sent with this text message,” she said.

Troxel received an acceptance letter the same day. Then, two days later, she got money in the mail and a letter.

“It was a little over $1,800,” Troxel said.

The company sent Troxel a check and they sent her an email, instructing what to do with the money. She read through it and realized that it was a scam.

The letter said to deposit the check into her bank account, keep $400 for herself and then send them the rest.

The check seemed legit, but she said the letter tipped her off.

“I was like this is unreal,” said Troxel. “Some of the words are misspelled and just the way the letter was written I knew it was not real.”

That’s when she picked up the phone and called the Better Business Bureau.

“We knew right away it was a scam,” said Lechelle Yates, of the BBB.

Yates said the checks can get you money temporarily.

“It can take a bank seven days to realize the check is no good. They’re you’re on the hook for the money,” Yates said.

It puts people like Troxel in a financial bind. The BBB said to call them if you hear about an offer. They’ll check it out. Troxel had her own piece of advice, as well.

“Just don’t answer your text messages like that,” she said. “Those strange text messages, don’t answer them.”

Yates said more than 500,000 people were victimized by scams in 2017.

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