Thomasville woman looks for fix to recycling problem

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. — Recycling is voluntary, but Dawn Strack calls it necessary.

“I’ve got grandchildren. I want this world to be a better place for my grandchildren,” Strack said.

It’s been a struggle ever since she moved to Rotary Lane in Thomasville a couple months ago.

For three straight weeks, she brought her recycling bin to the curb in plain sight, and it sat there, untouched.

Each week she’s had to call the city who sends someone out to pick it up later.

“I don’t want to turn into one of those people that just says the heck with it and dumps my recycling into the trash because trash is no issue for me,” Strack said. “That’s regular, consistent, on time.”

She posted on Facebook about it and found out that others in the city had similar problems and even found some people have stopped trying.

“There’s people with kids, families, jobs. Like everything today is ‘fast, fast, fast’ and if this is going to be that much effort no one’s going to do it,” Strack said.

Thomasville Public Works Director Daryl Poole told FOX8 the most common cause for bins being left is people putting incorrect items in the bin.

Homeowners with questions are encouraged to visit the city’s website for the regulations.

But that wasn’t the issue for Dawn who has recycled for over 15 years.

“My cat eats canned food every day, and even that you can see I clean them,” Strack said.

Poole also encouraged anyone with questions to call the sanitation division at (336) 475-4239.

Dawn did, and she’s been promised that her street will be added to the regular route going forward.

“From what Daryl said to me, he reassured me. I just hope he puts his money where his mouth is,” Strack said. “It’s a consistent thing. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, so we’re going to roll with that and hopefully, it gets better and hopefully more people recycle,” said Strack.

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