Thomasville residents concerned about crime in community

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. — It’s the talk in neighborhoods all across the Piedmont Triad: violent crimes on the rise. Some of it is happening in communities where just a couple of years ago, crime seemed rare.

That’s the case in Thomasville, where a lot of people feel crime is becoming a daily problem.

The streets of Thomasville look quiet. The small city used to be known as peaceful.

“Growing up here, being around it, it was more family oriented,” Mary Knight said. “People looked out for each other so it’s changed a lot.”

Knight thinks it’s changed for the worse.

“It seems so dangerous now,” she said.

Police reports obtained by FOX8 show a number of vandalisms and break-ins from over the weekend.

One of them happened at Mom and Pops Auto sales. An employee said rocks were thrown through their windows, but nothing was taken.

Knight has a theory.

“I think the problem is lack of jobs. I would love to see Thomasville built up again,” she said.

Police say it may seem like more crimes are happening in Thomasville, but the stats are pretty similar to this time last year.

The city is up one more burglary and a deadly shooting marked the first homicide in almost two years.

Knight says it’s still too much crime and hopes for change soon.

“I believe Thomasville has a lot to offer,” she said. “For the future. For the kids.”

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