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THOMASVILLE, N.C. — A local pizza delivery driver is sharing his appreciation for law enforcement after officers found his stolen car.

“People always think that a cop fills out a report and then goes about their daily life but not only did they fill out a report, they followed it through immediately,” Brian Burke said.

Burke was inside a Domino’s Pizza on West Main Street in Thomasville, picking up his last delivery Sunday night when he realized the car he left running was gone.

“Utterly just confused…like did I park somewhere else,” Burke said.

Within hours, he says Thomasville police found his cell phone and the Domino’s car topper on the side of a road.

The next day, he says High Point police found the car at a hotel off Brentwood Street.

“I was absolutely ecstatic,” Burke said.

On Tuesday, FOX8 went with him to a local dealership to check out the vehicle he thought he’d never see again.

“This is how I pay the bills, so the fact that they were able to work together to find this for me so fast was amazing,” Burke said.

He says getting it back means a lot to his family too.

“Not to have to replace it…makes sure my kids get birthday presents this year,” Burke said.

He says he normally doesn’t leave his car running, but it was his last delivery and he really wanted to get home.

He will have to wait a little bit before he can take the car home. It needs to have a new key made. The bumper was also damaged.

As far as Burke knows, police haven’t tracked down the person or people who stole it.