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THOMASVILLE, N.C. – A Thomasville business owner who was stabbed by a bank robbery suspect after a police chase has been released from the hospital.

Wes Anderson was released from the hospital Friday and spoke to FOX8 about the incident.

“After they did the CT scan, they said I was real fortunate,” said Anderson. “I think it was about a quarter or an inch, a centimeter away from doing harmful stuff.”

Authorities said the suspect, Jerick Raheem Gray, 42, of High Point, robbed the First National Bank on East Innes Street in Salisbury shortly after 12:30 p.m. Thursday.

Gray left the bank and led officers on a chase, until authorities stopped him with stop sticks near Anderson Hobby Shop at 1101 Mendenhall St. in Thomasville.

The suspect tried to get into the store and stabbed the Anderson, who was trying to stop the suspect from getting in.

Anderson said he only sustained one stab wound to the chest. He said he’s extremely lucky the knife didn’t pierce his heart or lungs.

Gray was shot by a Salisbury police officer and died in the hospital.

The suspect’s brother said he had mental health issues and struggled with drug addiction in the past, but he was getting help.