Thieves in Greensboro steal car parts from organization that gives vehicles to struggling families


GREENSBORO, N.C.– An organization dedicated to giving vehicles to struggling mom’s and families, needs help tonight.

Seven of the cars Wheels 4 Hope was going to fix up are now missing catalytic converters.

The cost to replace the catalytic converters is hundreds of dollars, which is nothing compared to the cost of making families wait even longer for a vehicle they need.

“I’m trying to get people in cars yesterday. I need the cars I have on the lot to be fixed,” said Adriane Singleton, assistant director at Wheels 4 Hope. “They just put me in a horrible situation at this point.”

The crime is costing the folks at Wheels 4 Hope money that they work hard to get through donations and grants.

“Wheels 4 hope gives people hope on four wheels,” Singleton said.

Every car they get is tuned up and given to people who need a vehicle to survive but can’t always afford a new or used car.

Through the program, recipients also put down $500 which goes towards the organization’s costs.

“I thank you so much for how you guys helped me. It really changed my life a lot,” one recipient told organizers in a voicemail.

“When we have people calling us constantly, saying that their car has broken down, they don’t know how they’re going to get to work, they’re looking for someone to fix it. That let’s us know that the need is out there and that Wheels 4 Hope is essential,” Singleton said.

Singleton herself understands the hardships of not having a car.

“I was the kid who was at the bus stop with my mom and was so happy when she did get a car,” she said.

Many of Wheels 4 Hope’s cars go to moms in need.

Singleton said kids understand that having a vehicle gives families a sense of freedom.

“That means mommy, we don’t have to wait at the bus stop no more. We don’t have to depend on someone else for rides,” she said. “It’s life changing what we do here, and it’s so important. And for someone to do what they did, it burns me up to no end.”

Singleton said they really need vehicle donations, especially with the pandemic. People are just not giving as much.

Greensboro police told FOX8 they have no leads on this crime.

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