‘There’s still good people out here’: man’s wallet returned with $2,500 after he loses it in Walmart parking lot



NEW ORLEANS — A man says having the $2,500 he lost on Christmas Eve in the Walmart parking lot returned is a miracle, WVUE reports.

“He drops his wallet outside in the parking lot. By that time, he didn’t realize he had dropped it, and he went on to have his automobile washed,” Gerald Fleming, the man’s father, said.

Fleming’s son then went back to the Walmart to see if the money was still there.

“He went inside the store, and one of the associates inside the store in customer service told him that an elderly lady had returned his wallet, with $2,500 in it,” Fleming said.

His son tried to find the woman who returned the wallet but was unable to.

“We had just gotten paid. That was his pay period, along with money that he saved, you know what I’m saying? So of course, man. He said himself, he said man, had I lost it, I would’ve cried. The entire holidays I’d be crying,” Fleming said.

Fleming and his son are thankful the money didn’t end up int he wrong hands.

“$2,500 at this time of the year would’ve made anyone’s Christmas. For you to find it and return it, and not take a dollar out of it, wow. Awesome,” Fleming said.

Shoppers in the Walmart were happy to hear the heartwarming story.

“That’s a blessing. Could’ve easily turned the other way, but God is good, and God has blessed that man to be able to get his money back. So that’s a true blessing, and everybody’s not like that,” Fateshia Fredericks said.

“I think it’s something that needs to be expressed and show that there’s still good people out here in this world,” Fleming said.

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