The big break in the Pazuzu Algarad case – ‘Seduced by Satan’ episode 4

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In episode four of this five-part series, FOX8 looks at how investigators were able to find the bodies of Joshua Fredrick Wetzler and Tommy Dean Welch.

After missing the mark with a search warrant in 2010, deputies returned to Pazuzu Algarad’s home in 2014. This search proved successful.

Along the way, they had several tips. Without solid evidence, they say, it was information they pursued but could never use to apply for a new search warrant — until they got the right pieces of evidence.

Episode 3 – Missed opportunities in apprehending Pazuzu Algarad

Episode 2 – The transformation from John Alexander Lawson to Pazuzu Algarad

Episode 1 – Looking back at the Pazuzu Algarad case 5 years later

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