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Texas officers hand out turkeys instead of traffic tickets

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FORT WORTH, Texas — Drivers were surprised after police officers pulled them over and gave them a turkey instead of a ticket.

Police in Fort Worth, Texas on Wednesday handed out Thanksgiving turkeys instead of tickets for small traffic violations.

The turkeys, which were donated to the Fort Worth Police Department, were then used to spread Thanksgiving cheer.

Local resident Jacoby Williams was pulled over for not having a front license plate, according to FOX 4. When the officer walked up to his door, he got an unexpected surprise.

“Not really sure all my wife has planned. We may fry it. May give it away,” Williams said. “It’s a good, very cool thing that they’re doing.”

In total, the officers gave out about 25 turkeys in various areas throughout the city.

Fort Worth police documented the entire experience on Facebook Wednesday afternoon:

This afternoon, our officers felt that they needed a change of pace! Instead of handing out the usual traffic tickets on traffic stops, they decided to hand out turkeys! Yes, turkeys! We had a few extra turkeys laying around, courtesy of Metro Ministries, and decided to show how thankful we are to our awesome citizens! We can’t wait for Thanksgiving!
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