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KNOXVILLE, T.N.–Tennessee 14-year-old Katelyn Norman has been battling a rare form of cancer for two years and last week she received word that her chemotherapy treatments are no longer working.

Norman complied a bucket list that included going to the prom, so her family contacted a local school district to make it happen. In only one week, the district planned an impromptu dance at local reception site.

However, by Tuesday afternoon, Katelyn was rushed to the hospital after she was having difficulty breathing. When she couldn’t go to the dance, they brought the dance to her.

According to reports, the hospital staff decorated the room and her date gave her a corsage and a special sash.

Meanwhile, more than 100 people drove to the hospital in Knoxville with escorts from several law enforcement agencies. They even brought a limo to drive by in her honor. Friends and family stood outside her window and formed the shape of a heart.

Back at the original prom site, a celebration of Katelyn still took place even in her absence.

“She contacted me and said prom must go on, that’s her, and you can’t help but feed off that energy, that life,” an instructor at Katelyn’s school and organizer of the prom told WATE.

Katelyn’s courage even prompted the mayor to declare Tuesday Katelyn Norman day–thousands of people lined a local highway in her honor.

Anyone who would like to send well wishes to Katelyn can send her an e-card at the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital website and volunteers will deliver them to her.

WATE reports that through donations, more than $63,000 have been raised for Katelyn’s bucket list.