Tanker trucks delivering fuel to the pumps in the Triad


GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Tanker truck drivers have worked around the clock to keep gas stations from shutting down and fuel ready for people when they go to the pump.

“Everything’s going to be fine,” said Juan Cifuentes, a driver for Eagle Transport Corporation in Greensboro. “We got it taken care of.”

Getting gas from the fuel tanks to people’s cars is a job he knows well. He’s delivered fuel for more than two decades and has driven millions of miles.

“There’s no shortage, I promise you,” Cifuentes said. “A lot of these terminals run off of Plantation and Colonial [Pipeline], so if one goes down there’s a backup for it.”

Cifuentes like many other tanker truck drivers hit the road when the Colonial Pipeline shut down due to a cyberattack on May 7. Thousands of gallons loaded up behind him, but what he saw at the gas stations turned into a problem.

“People just going to buy gas when there’s no really reason for it,” he said.

Gas stations are only allotted a certain number of gallons per day.

“We used to sell a certain amount of gallons in one day now that’s being double if not triple and that’s causing us to have issues,” Cifuentes said.

Cifuentes has waited in long lines at the fuel terminal to fill up his tanker truck in Greensboro.

“The lines have been real bad,” he said. “Sometimes we have to wait between two to three hours.”

Tanker truck drivers from up and down the East Coast have lined up to take fuel back to their states.

“Only when they’re not getting any product,” Cifuentes said. “They’re not getting any fuel down there, so they come down here.”

On Thursday Cifuentes delivered 36,000 gallons of gas to six gas stations. It may not be enough.

“Our biggest customers they’ll sell between nine to 19, 20,000 gallons in one day,” he said. “Some of those are now selling 36 to 40,000.”

Cifuentes told FOX8 there will be plenty of gas at the pump soon. “Everything’s going to be okay,” he said. “Trust me.”

Governor Roy Cooper said North Carolina should have fuel supply stabilized by the weekend.

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