Tanger Center and Greensboro Coliseum looking ahead amid pandemic


GREENSBORO, N.C. — This time of year, downtown Greensboro would normally be abuzz with arts, entertainment and sports.

At Tuesday’s city council meeting, a glimmer of hope as leaders from the new Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts and the Greensboro Coliseum announced some big plans for 2021.

Matt Brown, the managing director of both the Tanger Center and the Coliseum, said they’re working to inch closer toward those days.

The question now is how and when will you be able to enjoy events at theses venues?

“We’re all here, we’re trying to work, we’re trying to be optimistic as we look forward to what the future could hold for us,” Brown said.

With COVID, no one really knows what the future holds. Still, leaders with the Tanger Center and the Coliseum are pushing forward.

“We’re still positive about the fact that we still retain a significant number of high-profile concerts that are still on our books,” Brown said. “The tickets are sold, and people are waiting for those events to be announced.”

Brown admits, without either location operating at full capacity, it doesn’t make financial sense to start prepping for live concerts right now.

To keep them afloat, Tanger Center has booked virtual events like Market America’s virtual convention, Youth Orchestra rehearsals and the Greensboro Symphony.

The Center has found ways to make it look nice for people when they do eventually make their way back through these doors by adding a few renovations.

“The building will be spectacular when people are able to enjoy the events in our schedule,” he said. “Not on our dime, but at the cost of the contractor or subcontractor.”

Brown had good news for sports lovers too.

“Greensboro will remain Tournament Town come February, March,” Brown said.

The Coliseum is preparing for men’s and women’s ACC basketball tournaments as well as NCAA Diving and Swimming Championships to name a few.

Brown said it’s highly unlikely any fans outside of players’ families will be allowed to attend the tournaments.

A big focus right now for the city is appealing to as many youth events as possible to get families to spend in Greensboro.

“We know what it brings to this city. It puts people in our restaurants, it puts people in hotels. It puts people in our shops, and this is a true asset,” Mayor Nancy Vaughan said.

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