Suspected school shooter connected to stabbing at West Montgomery High School

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TROY, N.C. — The alleged shooter in Tuesday morning’s Albemarle school incident is also connected to an act of violence at West Montgomery High School a year ago.

Investigators and school officials said they could not confirm the name of the juveniles involved.

However a Sheriff’s Office incident report from last year named Jaylen Russell and another student, Aaron Goins, as those charged in the altercation last Oct. 22.

Officers did say the fight started in the lunch room and was broken up.

Later, they said the two students involved started hitting each other in the field house during football practice. Russell was accused of pulling out a pair of scissors and stabbing Goins in the shoulder and back area.

According to the report, Russell was 14 at the time. Goins was 17.

FOX8 spoke to Goins’ sister Jailyn Goins after today’s shooting. She said last year, both teens were charged, suspended, and plead guilty in court.

She recalled, “My mother gets a phone call, and it’s from the school saying your son’s been stabbed. But they could not tell us where he got stabbed just- your son’s been stabbed.” She said it was a terrifying experience as they rushed to the hospital.

The Goins family was shocked when they heard the teen accused in today’s shooting was the same involved in stabbing their son last year.

“It scares me cuz I’m like — they tell you your school is safe, but how safe really is your school?” she wondered. “It’s just scary. More than anything just scary.”

Goins’ sister was glad to report Aaron has recovered from his stab wounds and worked his way back into school at West Montgomery. He also earned a spot back on the football team.

“He had to show his coach he was ready to get back on board and finally when he was back on the team he was so excited,” she pointed out. “I’m very, very proud of my brother. He came a long way.”

Montgomery County Schools’ Superintendent could only confirm the student mentioned in news reports about Ablemarle shooting was a former student at Montgomery Learning Academy, the alternative school, but is no longer an MCS student.

Reflecting on both incidents, Goins’ sister added, “I believe everybody deserves a second chance. But you know, I really just gotta pray for both families.”

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