GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Do you have summertime travel plans? 

Well now’s the time to solidify them if you haven’t already because it’s going to be much more expensive with inflation this year. 

Whether it’s paying more at the pump, or paying more to fly, get ready to empty your wallets because you’re likely going to spend more due to higher prices of crude oil. 

“They actually added gas prices to the tickets now, so it’s an $800 surcharge both ways. Even with the round trip, they added about $12,000 to my airfare just because,” said Grace Evensted, who was heading to Italy. 

But these prices aren’t stopping the estimated 39 million people AAA expects to travel by air and road come Memorial Day weekend. That’s up 8% from that weekend last year. 

For future travelers like James Vinson who was at a nearby gas station filling up, he’s still deciding how he’ll get to Miami for his birthday in July. 

“I looked up RDU to Miami, and the roundtrip for three days was about $489,” Vinson said.

He’s considering driving the 11 hours to save more. 

For Anthony Morgante, who was in Greensboro for his daughter’s college graduation, the time saved is worth more than the money. 

“I would rather spend more time at the destination than driving to the destination, so it probably won’t affect me as much because I’d rather spend time with family versus being in the car, but I could see why someone would do that,” Morgante said. 

The other thing to consider is that the lowest car rental car is about $100 a day according to a AAA report. 

AAA experts are urging people to book now regardless of when in the summer they are traveling. Experts said flexibility and hitting the road/air early will make for better travel.