(WGHP) — Spring can be a beautiful time to go for a walk, but maybe not this week.

We’re in store for a lot of pollen from trees over the next few days, according to the Forsyth County Office of Environmental Assistance and Protection.

There is a “very high” tree pollen rating for Wednesday. “Very high” means almost all people with any sensitivity to these aeroallergens will experience symptoms, and people with extreme sensitivity could have severe symptoms. The grass pollen rating is low and the weed pollen rating is moderate

The tree pollen rating remains “high” for Friday before bumping back up to “very high” on Saturday.

Thursday evening could bring wet weather and possible storms, and that could help to curb the very high pollen levels.

“Rain totals are projected to be light so that is why only a small decrease in airborne pollen is expected,” the Forsyth County EAP said.

So what’s causing all those itchy eyes and stuffy noses? The Forsyth County EAP says about 75.5% of it is oak, by far the largest single total. The next highest is pine at 6.5% followed by willow, “other trees” and sycamore. With 2% or less of each, there is also cedar/juniper, mulberry, sweetgum, birch, chestnut, cottonwood, elm, ash and beech.